Story Image Tools (SIT-2)

Story Image Therapy and Tools (SITT)™ ~

utilizes a variety of resources or tools (called Story story image tools 3Image Tools - SIT-2) to help the client to remember the story and subsequent important messages.   We can use a variety of tools to help create the images including 3D models, figurines, pictures, diagrams, graphs in the form of a poster.

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Some of the tools that can be used with a younger age group, pre-teens for example, may include Australian or multicultural dolls, Australian flora or fauna or animals that are part of the stories in Story Image Therapy & Tools (SITT)™.

Story Image tools 2By talking with the teen or pre-teen about  the characters in the story and trying to re-create the story, they can internalise its messages.  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and youth often relate very well to the tools, as well as clients from the non-Indigenous culture.  They are relevant to all ages, cultures and can be used to address a variety of mental health or behavioural problems.

Story Image Tools (SIT-2) can be used to deliver important information external to the therapeutic process e.g., for classroom use or for parents to 'talk to teens and pre-teens' through the tools.


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