Resilience and Flourishing for Teens

RAFT Program

Teens and preteens often have difficulties coping with stress in their lives.  Incidences of self-harm, alcohol and substance abuse, eating disorders, anxiety and depression are increasing at alarming rates and THE PROBLEM IS GETTING WORSE!


In order to ‘tackle’ the problem of teen stress, Toula has devised a program based on the principles of Positive Psychology, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Solution Focused Therapy.  This program is called RAFT (Resilience and Flourishing for Teens and pre-teens) and incorporates the use of Story Image Therapy (SIT)™.


Toula has also created an Indigenous RAFT Program, incorporating Story Image Therapy (SIT)™, to meet the needs identified in the Carmody Report (2013). These evidence-based therapies have been incorporated into aspects of the program to help young people internalise and reflect upon their own individual set of circumstances in a way that young people can relate to.


Day long or weekend retreats can help young people to get ‘back on track’ and learn to manage whatever they are finding stressful in their lives.  For inquiries regarding the program or a list of upcoming events, please contact Toula directly on 0424 834 344.


At the conclusion of the program, your teen or preteen will be:

  • Able to identify their stress 'triggers' - particularly in relation to technology
  • Understand more about what stress is and how it has/does affect them, particularly digital media
  • Learn about Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and how these therapies relate to stress and mental health
  • Comprehend how stress affects people differently and in what ways
  • Understand the role of genetics and personality/temperament in relation to stress and mental health
  • Become aware of how stress affects mental health
  • Learn more about the stages of stress and how the stages affect behaviour
  • Identify their current methods of coping, particularly using technology
  • Learn what they can do in order to reduce their feelings of stress
  • Learn specific coping strategies so that they can reduce their stress and increase their sense of well-being


The day-long prices start from $250 per person  (including morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea) or $500 per person for a weekend retreat (including food and accommodation)
Please note a minimum of six participants per course.