Pink and Eating Disorders

Another celebrity who can help raise awareness of mental health/behavioural problems in our youth by sharing her story...

Pink proves once again that she really doesn’t have time for body bullies.
May 14, 2015
The Glow Team
pinkImage: Twitter.
Get the message already, keyboard warriors: Pink does not have time for your body-bullying.
Last month, the chart-topping pop star, mother and generally great woman posted some photos from a cancer benefit she attended in honour of a close friend. Not content to simply keep scrolling and keep their opinions to themselves, a group of Twitter followers decided it was their civil responsibility to point out she’d gained weight, or in their charming words, become “fat”.
Pink — whose off-stage name is Alecia Moore — posted this very dignified response on social media:

pink's response

We hoped that would spell the end of Pink’s body bullies; that they would slink back to the dark, sad cave from whence they came with their tails between their legs.
Alas, we’re talking about the internet here, so that was probably too optimistic.
However, Pink — who appears to be rocking a bowl cut these days, as you’ll see below — isn’t one to stand down in a hurry. In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight she’s reiterated her anti-bullying stance, explaining that while she might seem tough, she’s not immune to cruel words.

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