February 2016   Why Ancient Wisdom

Wisdom Tree SYMBOLStories and images have been used for thousands of years to pass on important information to our next generation.  Information such as 'Using Our Connections' - connection to self, connection to others, connections to our spirit, to find 'The Balance'.

The wisdom from the past should not be underestimated....or forgotten...



December 2015   The Power of a Story

Fifteen Year Old Daughter & PartyYour fifteen year old daughter has just been invited to a party – her first party.  You don’t want to say no.  You know she could have a lot of fun and potentially learn a great deal, but you are also fearful.   You know what can, and does, happen.    You want to assess how your daughter feels about drugs and what she would do if she was tempted to use them at the party.....



October 2015    Stories of Resilience

Einstein & ResilienceNelson Mandela had it. Sir Edmund Hillary had it.  Shane Gould, Leonie Kramer and Anne Summers had it.  So what is “it” and how can we pass “it” onto our teens and preteens in the counseling and/or teaching context?      “It” is the X-factor that helps our athletes, artists and scientists to achieve the extraordinary. “It” is what we need to teach our teens and preteens....

September 2015    Ancient Stories for Modern Problems

Multicultural TeensIn this month's newsletter Toula talks about some of the recent changes to 'Talk to Teens'...     "After studying my PhD in adolescents and technology use for the past five years, my research has indicated that [among other things] young people relate to stories and images (online and offline) as a way of coping with their problems, as well as a warm and involved parenting style...


August 2015    Teen Rebellion and Storytelling

Frog in Teen Rebellion & StorytellingRebelling against authority, to some extent, is a normal healthy part of growing up... but it can create a lot of problems!  There are two types of rebellion that young people usually show.  Firstly, rebelling against fitting in socially....




July 2015   Helping Teens Cope with Bullying

Bullying ConferenceToula recently presented at the No 2 Bullying Conference at Outrigger Resort, Gold Coast and thought you might find it helpful if she included a few key points presented at the Conference in this newsletter.



mid-June 2015    Free Community Event

Pam for WebHello and JUST A SHORT NEWSLETTER to let you know about another free community event for parents, teachers and counsellors.  It is also to introduce you to Pam, who is now doing the administrative work for Talk to Teens.




June 2015    Important Brain Information

Head Injured teen SMALLIn this month's newsletter Toula talks about the brain and how to pass on important information using stories and images...  Stories and images can be helpful in trying to understand brain injury, information about medications, neurotransmitters in the brain etc.



May 2015    Internet Addiction and Parenting

This month's newsletter is for counsellors to help explain to parents about the link between Parenting Style and Internet Addiction (or other types of problematic technology use) in our teens and preteens.
Preliminary results of Toula's PhD research supports other research regarding this important topic.



April 2015    Teens and Drugs
Teen with attitude2
Many of our children and youth are, unfortunately, experimenting with drugs.  Toula has found over the years that we can use images to explain to teens and pre-teens about the damage they are doing to their brains and bodies as a result of chronic drug use.
Many young people naively believe that drugs are not dangerous but using images such as these, and describing stories.....


March 2015    Welcome to the New TTT Newsletter Format.
Toula GordilloQ:  "I’ve heard that many therapists use stories and images when counseling young clients. How effective are these tools?  Are they only applicable to young people?"
A:  Toula answers this question in detail in this newsletter.


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