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If you would like to know where to obtain more information, or links to Toula Gordillo or Story Image Therapy & Tools (SITT)™, please click on the following links:

(LinkedIn) - to see articles posted

(Twitter) - to keep updated

(Facebook) - to keep updated

(Slideshare) - to see posters, powerpoints, short-stories online

(Soundcloud) - to download songs, song-stories

(YouTube) - for videos, tutorials, songs, animations

(Pinterest) - for images/stories related to teens and pre-teens

(Instagram) - for images/stories relevant to teens and pre-teens

(Tumblr) - for images/stories to help teens and pre-teens

(Websites) - for information about Toula Gordillo - for all information relevant to Talk to Teens Series ™ and Story Image Therapy & Tools (SITT)™. - for information published by New Beginnings Publications Pty Ltd - under construction

(Media/articles) - Positive Psychology and Resilience in Teens - Why Use Stories & Images With Teens and pre-Teens - Boundary Setting in Teens and pre-Teens Through Stories & Images - Teens and Drug Use - Teens and Blended Families

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