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Great news! Ancient Wisdom is now on Facebook – and it’s called Story Image Therapy.

Ancient wisdom is storytelling.  It is creating an image, from stories that we can apply to our own lives, to our teens’ lives, in order to make them better.  Best of all, you don’t need to be a therapist – you just need to have a passion to help our children and youth and a willingness to try using ancient methods, fun and storytelling methods.  In other words, be willing to have fun and remain flexible.

‘Sometimes we have to talk to teens through the past in order to move forward to the future’.

You owe it to the teens and preteens in your life to find out how to do it.  The new Story Image Therapy page will show you how.  Most of the methods are very simple, easy to use.  Others may be slightly more complex but they all have the benefit of knowing that what you are doing is helping – helping to remember the past, helping our teens to connect to their roots, helping to maintain the relationship.

Have a look at the page.  If you like it, click like and make comments so you can keep receiving information.  If you don’t like it, you don’t have to click on it!  Simple.  It costs you nothing to have a look and you have everything to gain.  It is not a promotional page where you get bombarded with advertising.  It is simply my way of helping parents, teachers and counsellors to help our kids.   The best way I know how.  The way my research suggests is the most effective….and the way is through the ancient practice of storytelling.

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Facebook Story Image Therapy

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