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About us

About Us


"Talk to Teens" is a subsidiary of Australian Institute of Story Image Therapy (AISIT).  "Talk to Teens" was established with the sole aim to improve communication (both online and offline) between parents, teachers and counsellors with their teens or pre-teens.

Toula, the director of the company, has identified through personal observation and formal research, that many of the problems that we see in our youth today arise from the lack of communication between young people and the significant adults around them.

Our society has changed.  In this era, parents may be too busy working, teachers feeling stressed and counsellors not fully utilised/accessed when there is a problem. We, as adults, therefore need to learn to 'talk to teens' using their language/methods of communication and according to the environment and era in which they live.

If we learn to effectively 'talk to teens' about their issues in a safe, supportive and non-judgemental environment, many instances of anxiety, depression, addictions, self-harming and behavioural issues could be reduced or even eliminated.

Toula has also generated the "Talk to Teens Foundation", a non-profit organisation, to help raise awareness of the need for parents, teachers and counsellors to effectively communicate with their teens and pre-teens.