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The unique Talk to Teens program offers practical tools and resources based on the Ancient wisdom of storytelling to deliver important information to teens and preteens.  Designed for any parent, teacher or counsellor who wants to instantly improve communication with Teens and Preteens, this multicultural program has been proven to help with problems of anxiety, teenage depression, self-harming and addictions. Ancient knowledge delivered in modern ways and using real-world examples, it teaches teens and preteens how to manage situations and steer them to successful outcomes through ancient, modern and multicultural stories and images as part of Story Image Therapy (SIT)™.


Hi I’m Toula and Why Stories and Images? part


I’m a clinical psychologist and Mum to 3 great teenagers! When it comes to counselling and parenting teens, there is no easy recipe.   However, this program, Talk to Teens through Stories and Images, is a proven simple and effective way to engage with teenagers and enable them to really hear important messages.


When my own young teenagers were facing important issues, the usual parental advice didn’t seem to help. Teens don’t want lectures, they don’t readily listen to advice - they are too busy asserting their own independence and ability.

The counsellor in me sought inspiration from my career and life experiences about how I might guide my teens differently. It occurred to me that many cultures across the ages have handed down wisdom and lessons through stories and fables to describe the natural world and their place in the world. And like all of us, Teens like stories.


My career and life experiences around indigenous and other cultures provided the inspiration for Talk to Teens, and how to help teens using ancient cultural stories and images. I grew up in Katherine in the Northern Territory.


For more than 20 years I have counselled thousands of children, youth and adults in my roles as teacher, guidance officer, psychologist and clinical psychologist. In each of these roles I have witnessed individuals who are ‘out of balance’.

I have regularly observed that connection to family and friends, spirit, land and nature is the key to helping all of us to find ‘The Balance’ in order to live more flourishing lives. I am convinced that a lack of these connections is responsible for a large number of the mental health and behavioural problems of our youth today.

help your child in 3 easy steps

Help Your Child in 3 Easy Steps


Teenager and Child Resources to help with problems of anxiety, teenage depression, self harming and addictions, this website is an invaluable tool for anyone needing to talk to their Teens and Preteens, giving practical examples of how to manage situations and steer them to a successful outcome using stories and images as part of Story Image Therapy (SIT)™.

There is no quick fix for these issues and problems, however with the wealth of experience I have in this field, my books and other downloadable resources will help any parent, teacher or counsellor instantly.

Help your child in three easy steps:



“Please note that the Talk to Teens Series™ does not endorse or promote military or Freudian concepts, nor is it designed to offend any particular star signs, cultural or religious groups. References made to animals or similar concepts are designed to illustrate a point only. We apologise in advance if any individuals find the content of the series offensive or disrespectful”.


We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians on whose land we deliver a service, the Gubbi Gubbi/Kabi Kabi people, and pay our respects to the Elders both past and present.



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